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A Mighty Girl's top picks of books for young children about their bodies, body privacy, appropriate touch, and more.

Since the moment someone said, “It’s a girl” or “It’s a boy”, sex has been part of your child’s life.

In The Claw Prank Redemption it reveals that Skylar has a crush on him too.

After the Annihilator turned Skylar evil, Oliver ended up heartbroken; part of him knows she needs to be stopped, but another part of him refuses to let go of his feelings for her.

Tisseyre’s highlight of the season came when she won her first 70.3 distance race at Ironman 70.3 Boise-shaving 24 minutes off her previous year’s performance by clocking a 24.

Along with this finish, Tisseyre placed second at Ironman 70.3 Calgary, and third at Ironman 70.3 Timberman.

In Saving the People Who Save People, it is revealed that Skylar is Oliver's favorite superhero, and he has a crush on her.

This was after Tisseyre had taken the decision to move out west and commit to full time training.

The now 33 year old Canadian Tisseyre did not enter the world of triathlon at a young age – getting involved in many different activities that helped her grow physically and intellectually.

See more » It takes a certain type of person to appreciate this type of comedy, and I'm glad to say I'm one of them!

This show is cool, its British, it's laid back and it's trippy, much like Naboo I guess. It's a great show, something really different and really funny.