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With the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love nearly upon us, it’s a fun time to revisit something Instagrammers call #vanlife.

Psychedelic hippie VW buses aside, there are thousands of modern-day, or at least, technologically tricked-out, vans cruising America's highways.

A related discipline is the study of Sylvics, which focuses on the autecology of genera and species. However, botany is the study of all types of general plants, while dendrology studies only woody plants.

Dendrology may be considered a subcategory of botany that specializes in the characterization and identification of woody plants.

It will show 46 mph on the speedo WOT and just me in it.

Only motor problem I ever had was a burned exhaust valve when I first bought it in 1987. The guy has all the paper work dating back to 1994 since he owned.

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, ksulon, "wood") is the science and study of wooded plants (trees, shrubs, and lianas), specifically, their taxonomic classifications.

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It has a closed cooling system and has been used in saltwater. I will have it taken to the mechanic that does the work on it for a diagnostics just to make me feel better." "I have a 1979 Mercruiser 170/470 in a 19 foot Bayliner Admiralty.

While not technically Star Destroyers, ships like the Imperial II-class frigate, the Immobilizer 418 cruiser or the Victory II-class frigate possessed the typical characteristic of such vessels - a wedge shaped hull and command tower.

The term originated within the Old Republic and referred to ships capable of destroying entire star systems with their heavy firepower.

Although the idea that the planets orbited the Sun had been suggested many times, it was not until the 17th century that this view was supported by evidence from the first telescopic astronomical observations, performed by Galileo Galilei.

At about the same time, by careful analysis of pre-telescopic observation data collected by Tycho Brahe, Johannes Kepler found the planets' orbits were not circular but elliptical.