Moblie cam to cam

Cam Cam's design philosophy and approach is to create timeless, poetic design, combining tradition with contemporary design.

Their goal is to create products with an enduring design and material quality, which will be appreciated for generations to come.

Cam Cam creates high quality, architect designed, bed linen for children and adults.

The company is founded by architect Sara Giese Camre, who personally designs all Cam Cam products.

We love the calm and harmonious feel which they capture so beautifully in their imagery.

CAM Mobile - The official CAM mobile application for the desktop PC monitoring and tuning software, CAM.

Delightful mobile to hang from the ceiling over the bed or the changing station.

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This unique music mobile will make bedtime or nursing time a fun and cheerful moment.Each design is inspired by Japanese patterns and French refinement, combined with beautiful Scandinavian minimalism.A blend of sweet romance with a graphic simplicity is the recipe for Cam Cam’s intriguing and...I would like to record video footage from a secondary cam (webcam via USB) to android mobile phone micro sd card. Basically looking for a app that will recognise various video input formats (digital or analog) Hey Riaan, Have you had any luck in figuring out a solution?I would also be very much interested in hooking up a webcam to my Desire S, to be used as an external camera. Let me know if you figure it out & I'll do likewise, would be much appreciated. tkur Likewise - I want to use a smart phone to record HD video through a USB webcam.