Most intimidating walk up songs

Unofficially the soundtrack of the MLB season, walk-up music has become serious business – warranting polls, charts to track walk-ups’ popularity, and a litany of articles detailing why one player’s entrance is better than another’s.

Similarly, we felt compelled to Rickroll you right off the bat here.So we picked 'Welcome to the Jungle.' When Eric Gagne was coming up in L. I listened to it and thought it was cool, so I went with it.It seemed to work and I didn't want to jinx anything, so I stuck with it.In the pantheon of baseball films, Charlie Sheen’s 1989 “Major League” tends to get lost in the shuffle.But, one of the most memorable scenes of the sleeper hit was Sheen-as-Ricky-Vaughn’s walk-up to the mound to save the day, set to X’s “Wild Thing.” At the time, personalized walk-up music was a rarity in Major League Baseball games, with player introductions handled by the organist – if at all.