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Cyberstalking is frightening and illegal and the people who do it are not as anonymous as they think they are as often their details can be tracked down. Mobile phones are relatively inexpensive and if you start getting abusive calls or text messages then it might be better to get another SIM card so that whoever is bullying you can't contact you any more.

If your child knows the sender and attends the same school as they do, contact your child's class teacher as soon as possible - even if the phone calls and text messages happen outside of school hours.

Paid for next day delivery, parcel came the next day, neat packaging, all good. Didn't get my refund or an email or anything for over a week after posting it off. The next day, got a full refund, excluding shipping costs. And today is the 2nd of June i have not received anything from you guys.

The Google cloud storage solution only works if you have Google Play Services must be installed, and you have enough free storage on your phone and Google Drive to accommodate a full back-up of your data.Then head to Menu Button Next, you'll be prompted to select a Google Account to use to back-up your chat history to.If you do not have a Google account, tap Add Account when prompted to set one up.i Phone back-ups are stored on Apple's i Cloud servers.[Intro] Obviously, yeah, obviously Jack'Um, kweff, Kweffa AKA, AKA, Kweffa, Kweffa, spacey, spacey Juncrow, Juncrow Opps in the building, yeah [Verse 1] At the start of the year, nobody called my phone Now everyone wants to call my phone Swear, I don't recognise that tone Switch up, now you wanna call me bro?Like AJ, just leave me alone Didn't see you when I had no wave Never booked me for one of your shows Fool, I would never rock them clothes Might've slept with one of your hoes I ain't no Sherlock Holmes I ain't tryna call no names and break up homes Pull up and you get blown Pause, pull up and you get shown You don't wanna see me lose control My sixteens will tek off your dome By next year, I could sit on the throne [Hook] Chat 'bout fashion icon Chat 'bout fashion icon, I kweff and I'm gone My name's Jack, I'm back and I'm on I make hits, bang, bang, bang and I'm gone Chat 'bout fashion icon Chat 'bout fashion icon, I kweff and I'm gone My name's Jack, I'm back and I'm on Return of the dan gorgon [Verse 2] Yeah, ain't the same old Jack I ain't playing no games Used to make likkle dubplates Now I put food on plates, now I don't wake and bake Now that I'm focused, everyting on point Everyting be on weight Opps ain't driving boats, opps don't leave the estate 'Nuff of dem boy love cake So I had to move 'nuff mates Know I don't hang no more Why?