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It's nothing related specifically to sexuality and to gender.Here, he tells VIBE how he brought Lafayette to life, what the gay community thinks about the character and how he plans to transition beyond his Nelsan Ellis: I think by the second or third audition I got some bad notes from the casting director.They figured I was playing a stereotype or something like that so I got a friend of mine to come and work the audition with me and somehow I found the character inside of me versus putting on something that wasn’t real.interview with Vulture magazine, the 35-year old opened up about the situation and how he didn’t really get the opportunity to ‘bond’ with the Fifty Shades Of Grey actor, who played vampire James Kent in Series 6 of the HBO drama.He told the website: ‘I didn't, but I'm completely ... The very first episode, the scene between the two of us was my first day ever on the set, and so right off the bat I knew working with him was awesome.