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The Scientific Method itself is based on the idea that an orderly creation can be rationally understood because it was designed by an Intelligent Creator.

Creationists today continue to practice normal, experimental science without need of evolution.

In the late 1990s, two Darwin enthusiasts, Amanda Chesworth and Robert Stephens, co-founded an unofficial effort to promote Darwin Day.

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I have assisted on general plant representations in exhibits and provided guidance on orphaned collections in the paleobotanical collection. Scientists and academics sometimes celebrated 12 February with "Phylum Feast" events—a meal with foods from as many different phyla as they could manage, at least as early as 1972, 1974, and 1989 in Canada. Robert Stephens in late 1993 to begin planning for an annual "Darwin Day" celebration.Its first public Darwin Day event was a lecture by Dr.The connections between science and culture is an underlining theme in my teaching and research.My interests in the research laboratory range from paleobotany to plant physiology.