Raymond lam and tavia yeung dating

Tavia and Myolie Wu Hang Yee filmed at Hoheikyo hot springs for a scene in The Rippling Blossom.Although she did not manage to win the Best Actress award that year, Tavia managed to take home two other important awards - "My Favourite Female Character" and "Best Performance of the Year".Making herself look completely different from normal, she took action extremely carefully, and when she left her flat in Tseung Kwan O, and walked to the bus interchange where her "boyfriend" was waiting in a private car in the drop-off point, she was on high alert the whole time, looking left and right from time to time, until she got onto her "boyfriend’s" Audi car and set off, and then she was on even higher alert to check if anyone suspicious around her got into their cars first (reporters). Leaving her flat in Tseung Kwan O, Linda looks around vigilantly, toensure that no reporters got into their cars first before going into herboyfriend’s car. Once she realised that reporters were taking pictures, Linda immediately got into the car again, and called for her boyfriend to escape quickly. In order to prevent her boyfriend from being caught in pictures, Linda helped to lower the shades, thinking that this way, the reporters would not be able to take their pictures.Spectacular Stanley Along the way, Linda kept chatting incessantly with her "boyfriend", until the couple got to the place where many couples favoured going to date.Linda Chung, who has always attracted numerous male artistes, previously rejected playboy Raymond Lam and "lady killer" Ron Ng’s good intentions, and decided to invest her love in herself, and no other.Linda has always maintained an innocent and young image, and on the 10th of May, she was found to have dumped rumoured boyfriend Philip Ng, going out with a "new boyfriend" (Mr. Unexpectedly, they were caught red-handed, and shocked until they could not even eat their meal, and ran off quickly.Since she ate a lot of food while in Hokkaido , Tavia gained a bit of weight.While filming in Japan , Tavia took advantage of the opportunity to enjoy the local attractions.

Recently there was a crying scene in [Yes Sir, Sorry Sir] that once again caused the drama to increase rapidly inpopularity points, and Linda Chung, who is seen as this year’s new TV Queen,recently started a new relationship.

But we saw Raymond and Linda Chung slowly fixing their beautiful faces with make-up, at the end after filming they just left.

Taiwanese singing diva, Jolin Tsai (蔡依林) wears a red top with camel jacket and jeans from the spring collection by Bally 2017 during a public event.

Lately Tavia Yeung and Him Law have been working on new TVB series 36 Hours on Call and in the series, they have a 'sister-brother' love relationship.

The night before at 10pm, the two were in Sai Kung by the seaside shooting a love scene.

Raymond lam and tavia yeung dating