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After receiving offers from many of the stations, Mc Elhenney chose to sign with FX as they allowed him more creative freedom.Mc Elhenney was contracted as It's Always Sunnys showrunner.Generally, there's an overall thematic element that runs through the entire episode and then there are set pieces from that point forward.For example, with [the season premiere], we knew we wanted to do something addressing my character getting fat and so we decided what would be funny about that is if Glenn and I went to the doctor and Glenn was going to prove to me how unhealthy I was and found out he's just as unhealthy as I am.

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DANNY DEVITO You guys kissed and then you mounted her. DANNY DEVITO: Easier than asking her to do it with a neighbor. ROB MCELHENNEY: Charlie found it more uncomfortable than I did. CHARLIE DAY: I was like, we can cut out just before, it can all be imflied. And if it doesn't, then -- Conan: it's still highly erotic. CHARLIE DAY: You know, you got to buck up and do it, man. KAITLIN OLSON: We didn't really -- I think of you like a brother. He met Glenn Howerton through his agent, and Charlie Day in New York while shooting a horror film.Both Howerton and Day were listed as executive producers.