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ever, ahem, pleasured himself to the idea of his ex, to which the actor cheekily replied, “No, I’d have to ask Matthew’s permission.” PHOTOS: Sarah Jessica Parker's style evolution As the conversation continued, the former bad boy seemed to become increasingly embarrassed, saying, “First of all, I respect both of them so much, and now we have to get past this conversation.

For any situation like this, I think enough time has to pass.

Offering him directions to the bathroom, the mother says,”It’s the seventh door on the left.” He clarifies, “Second?

And maybe it taught me a little bit about being a parent, too, because the things that I ended up caring about and the way I cared for Downey, were things that might be more suitable for a parent.”“In a way,” she continued, “I’m asking myself those same questions now—I have an almost 14-year-old—so what I should and shouldn’t do for James Wilkie. When do I say, How are you going to develop your coping mechanisms if I’m fixing and when as a parent do I let go? You’re just in the day-to-day, caring about someone and loving them, and hopefully keeping them safe.”Unfortunately, there’s still no hard-and-fast manual for raising children and dating Robert Downey Jr.It would be a natural extension seeing as you’re a part of the conversation.” Tell Us: Did Robert Downey Jr. where George (Steve Martin) meets his daughter’s in-laws in their giant, imposing house.The actor took responsibility for the breakup in an interview with in 2008, telling the mag, "I liked to drink, and I had a drug problem, and that didn't jibe with Sarah Jessica, because it is the furthest thing from what she is. Both stars famously found love after they parted ways.Parker married Matthew Broderick in 1997, and the couple welcomed three children: son James, 12, and twins Marion and Tabitha, 5. was able to get sober in the early 2000s after completing a stint in jail, and was married twice after Parker: first to actress and musician Deborah Falconer, from whom he split in the early 2000s, and next to current wife Susan Downey, whom he wed in 2005.