Rss not updating android

Since your feed example does not have "guid" or "pub Date" tags for the item, the all item hash should apply.Thus the change in the value of the description to something that does not match one of the previous 8 item descriptions should cause it to be seen as new.Does the HTTP server you are using support ETags and if so is the value being changed on the server each time the feed content changes?Simnilarly, the "Last-Modified" response header will be used (if provided by the server) in the next request to set the "If-Modified-Since" header.

I know they are very regular users, so it should be showing me new information.The Python RSS feed has seemingly not updated in almost two days. [email protected]:~ $ curl -s -H "Host:" | gunzip -c | grep ' Stack Overflow uses Fastly to deliver content via local a distributed network of servers with minimal latency (you connect to a server close to you, rather than have to traverse the internet to Stack Overflow's data center).Given the historical frequency of new Python questions I find this difficult to believe. When I attempt to validate the feed using Thunderbird, I get a warning I don't see on my other feeds: "Self reference doesn't match document location". So somewhere these servers have gotten stale, and the Python feed copy they have is no longer being updated. I created a simple Web Tile for Microsoft Band 2 using Tile.The tile installed without trouble and initially showed correct values, but it never updated.