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Are you communicating with women found in mail-order bride catalogues?

I seriously can't make sense of what you're saying here. I've got some slavic in my blood so that may be part of it.

Yelena, her daughter, and most of their women friends of all ages, would whole-heartedly agree.

Her daughter Yekaterina, known as Katia, was nine years old at the time of the divorce.

The kettle was furiously boiling, as was the atmosphere in the kitchen.

The two women, Yelena Lazareva and her daughter Yekaterina are swapping stories about their loneliness – and complaining about Russian men.

What do you feel looking at these gorgeous young ladies Is that love? Let's turn to Mario Puzo's classical book "G-d father", if you read it, you must remember that Michael Korleone at some point had to leave NY and live in Italian rural area in Sicillia.

That's where he met a girl called Apolonia who he married soon after.

Let's listen to the author describing Michael's feelings to the girl he met in the forest: "Nothing will stop him from owning this girl, possesing her, locking her in the house and keeping her prisoner only for himself. If we ask that person, why are you so happy to eat it, he will most likely say: "Well I love fish!

- Tips and Hints for Russian Girls Hunters What is that feeling that sometimes strikes you when you see a very lovely woman?

What is that feeling described in so many books and movies as love fever.

But on finding and marrying one – even one as rich as Croesus – many Russian women feel trapped.

“Our men are too lazy, prefer to drink in front of a TV or a computer, without thinking of how to amuse their women,” Dengin continues.