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NEWS: Saoirse Ronan Never Wants to Be Just One Thing Ronan is renewing her Oscar buzz with I know. We’re quite cuddly now--especially actors--all kisses and hugs.

John [Crowley, the director] had to keep an eye on that with us during filming.

I have to say, it’s more common for an actor to get in relationships with others you work with because you’re friends with them or get to know them [during filming]. Not that that will help you or I, but I do think technology plays such a big part in relationships now, social media and such. I’ve had a different kind of introduction in to dating since it’s been with people I’ve known well already.

The reason I even got on Twitter was because when I was probably 15, I heard Stephen Fry talking about this new thing called Twitter, and I thought, ‘Well if Steve Fry is on it, I’m going to be on it.’ But I don’t use Twitter.

It seems Hollywood actress Saoirse Ronan and singing superstar Hozier have been on a few dates.

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They make a very cute and extremely talented couple.” They met while filming the video for his song Cherry Wine, which tackles the issue of domestic abuse and the friendship blossomed.

Speaking at his concert, he said: 'The tattoo actually says Galway Grill G-R-I-L-L. Until then, the record-breaking artist had covered up his varied colourful inkings with baggy jumpers.

The Suffolk native has painstakingly spent 40 hours being inked by celebrity tattoo artist Kevin Paul, who has also inked Rihanna and Harry Styles.

The video, shot from the singer's point of view, opens with Ed finishing up a gig in Ireland and heading to the crowed O'Connors pub in Salthill.

As Ed signs autographs and grabs a drink at the bar, two-time Oscar nominee Saoirse is seen dancing on a table with a pint in her hand.