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less Left: Texas A&M's newly elected student body president Bobby Brooks, a junior from Belton, Texas, poses for a portrait in front of the War Hymn Monument on Monday, March 20, 2017, in College Station. more Just when many Texans thought Rick Perry had moved on past making headlines, he's b-a-a-a-a-c-k. Why, they asked, would the former Texas governor and two-time unsuccessful presidential candidate want to take sides in a contested election in College Station. Just a day earlier, the San Antonio speaker had blasted the proposed Senate budget and alleged that the upper chamber was "cooking the books" by using an accounting trick to give them .5 billion more to spend at the last minute, so they could balance their spending plan.Doesn't he have better things to spend his time on in Washington, than step into a new controversy -- after his famous 'oops' moment that sank his first presidential campaign, and his appearance on "Dancing with the Stars" left him the brunt of national jokes? Straus, with uncharacteristic bluntness, compared the Senate move to Enron, the Houston-based energy giant that collapsed in a massive financial scam in 2001.

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