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Trini men have many abhorrent qualities but the one that comes to my mind the most is the frequency of domestic abuse/violence against women.

My stomach turns anytime I read an account of a woman being bludgeoned or chopped to death with tools such as a length of pipe or a 'cutlass'The best thing about Trini men.....can make me laugh !

Prior to May 18, a child was defined as persons under the age of 16 years and the Sexual Offences Act listed various offences for engaging in activities with persons under 16.

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The Children's Act of 2012 was proclaimed on May 18 and, in this legislation, the definition of “child” is now “a person under the age of 18 years”.Please no couples I am a lesbian not interested and if you are here for chat only I'll pass I would like to meet real women who...Looking for my girl ....not a money grabbing w...e and liar.People know exactly who to manipulate and who to take advantage of.A bitter remark used by someone who feels slighted.