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Tried reading guides untill my head hurts but still non the wiser..installed it on my phone and it updated via the play store?? My box will not update via the play store.option to update is not there Nor will it update via an apk file It is asking for zip file to install from So much easier to install and update on my phone!!!

I'm guessing you have a kodi installed that doesn't come from here.

Flash the included ZIP and then install the Xposed installer.

To make it all complete you can use this Kodi Addon pack.

Sorry if in wrong section but im really strugling to update my mx pro box to the latest kodi version.wants to update via zip file?

Ive tried to find this zip file online but unable to..

That needs to be uninstalled before you can install an official build. I know nothing about those boxes, so I can't tell you specifically what to do.

Any android device I have is rooted, so I'd just make a full copy (apk and data) with titanium backup, then crack on.

For our foreign customers, this language update will take about an hour, as great as Obi-Wan is at harnessing the power of the force, it still takes time to teach him a new language.Once these languages files have successfully updated, you will not have to do this again. NOTE: firmware and audio update times may vary depending on your specific device make and model.2017 (build 170 or higher) installed for this update to work.Tip: If you don't update your EE TV app, you might see a message on your set top box saying your EE TV app isn’t compatible.To set up your EE TV app after updating the software, follow these steps: After an update, if you find that your digital TV or radio channels have no picture or no sound, try resetting your EE TV box - this will return the box to default settings (although you won't lose recordings).