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Lovinlounge is for those who frequently spend money at bars and clubs and are typically the trend setters for fashion, style and the latest new products or gadgets.YOU ARE READING Fanfiction *DISCLAIMER: this was my first story, so it's really bad and confusing so it's under major editing but it will take some time* Jai & Luke are Best friends, roomates, and twins, they do everything together, what happens when one of them catches feel...So in this chapter Jai wants to make up not remembering anything to luke so stuff happens oh and this chapter is shortish and longish oh its 2 parts Jai's POV So its been 3 weeks since i've been back and i have been adjusting good, Luke has been so great to me i am so grateful he still cares, the other day i was with Beau and he said Luke's been sad because of everything so tonight i thought i would try to make it up to him so i am going to suprise him with a romantic dinner, a romantic walk in the park & some stuff inside () so right now me and the boys along with Jack & Jack are setting up for tonight, we introduced ourselves again and they tried to re jog my memory "Dude, Luke is going to love it" Jack g said "Yeah we did pretty good" Jack J added on "We should go into the dating planner carrer" Beau said making me laugh "So you wanna be a dating planner?Members can post and share videos, slideshows and photos with other members and friends.Registered users can view photos from events covered by Lovin Lounge on the site and network or meet other members.