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Six years ago, she spotted the City University of New York professor while getting coffee.

Annual Matchmaking Pro Conference: A Place for Yentas to Schmooze and Cruise NY Blue Print – September 23, 2009 The event will bring together personal matchmakers, introduction services, and dating/relationship coaches from North America, Asia, Australia and Europe. Sorry, girlfriend, he’s just not that into you Los Angeles Times – February 04, 2009 Those six words have become the single person’s satori, a clear-eyed, catch-all explanation for anyone wondering why the guy who just took you out on a date never calls. Old-Fashioned Matchmakers Make a Comeback npr – April 20, 2008 Some singles are giving up on personal ads and online dating services to find true love. 28, 2004 New York School Trains 21st-Century Matchmakers. 16, 2004 The Matchmaking Institute, which offers the nation’s first certification course for would-be Cupids, is attracting students from as far away as Singapore.

Instead, they are turning to professional matchmakers for help. “20/20” visited New York City’s Matchmaking Institute, a school that bills itself as a “Cupid Academy” and sat in on a class led by Lisa Clampitt, the institute’s co-founder and executive director. It helps that the modern-day yenta looks less like Sylvia Miles in Crossing Delancy and more like Alicia Silverstone’s Miss Match: young, attractive and a long way from loserdom – just like her clients…

Although it may seem old-fashioned, the profession is thriving in the United States. Matchmaker Mixes Business With Pleasure The Washington Post – February 24, 2008 Matchmaking is a growing field, attracting former real estate brokers, headhunters and human resources professionals, said Lisa Clampitt, executive director of the Matchmaking Institute training program in New York. How To Read Your Date in 5 Minutes New York Post – March 22, 2007 IN New York, you don’t have an entire evening to waste wondering if your date is The One. Read feature article (PDF) Offline Dating Time Out NY, January 19, 2004 The Institute offers a standardized certification class for newcomers to the field, in which students learn a range of skills.

Our team of professional matchmakers works together every step of the way to help you in your search for a healthy relationship.