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When they returned, Toph gave a yawn before saying, "Boy, Swimming sure can take a lot out of you.I'm beat." Aang gave his own yawn as he added, "I agree on that." Katara turned to them, "Well, if you want, you two could take a nap.He still wasn't able to cut her any slack, though, and three days after waking up he sent her scurrying from the room in tears.He could chalk it up to the pregnancy hormones, and truthfully, he wanted to, but that would certainly be a lie.

He was battered left to right by harsh, stinging wind circulation from Aang. Oh, he was grateful for his sister, but he didn't really want to be around anyone. He refused to think of the last time he saw her, instead focusing on pretty much every time he saw her. They had June—they were the Fire Lord and the Avatar.Two of the most powerful people in the world, and they couldn't track down one rebel group?She opened up her own Metal Bending Academy, where she trained earth benders the technique she discover while helping the gang.Soon, her students would graduate and join the police force to help aid Republic City.