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I, like you, have always been uncomfortable trying to get to know, or to be interested in more than one woman at a time, it feels unnatural.

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I lie, one more, will I be able to get a taxi from Donetsk to Lugansk in February and will a bad storm strand me in Lugansk and cause me to miss my flight?

Bribes usually don't run up any more than around USD, but sometimes it can be more.

Technically, this kind of intimidating activity is coercion, which is in itself illegal. Our tip is to treat the incidence of police bribery as you would any other money related crime - it's best to comply with the person and give them what they want than to cause a scene and create further trouble for yourself.

Please be careful and keep as low of a profile as you can while there.

Before my first trip to Ukraine, I talked to a lot of women, and planned to date many.