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Beyond Web 2.0 “ Web 2.0” captures a combination of innovations on the Web in recent years.

Web 2.0 is both a platform on which innovative technologies have been built and a space where users are treated as first class objects.

Web 2.0 is a buzzword introduced in 2003–04 which is commonly used to encompass various novel phenomena on the World Wide Web. A precise definition is elusive and many sites are hard to categorize with the binary label “ Web 1.0” or “ Web 2.0.” But there is a clear separation between a set of highly popular Web 2.0 sites such as Facebook and You Tube, and the “old Web.” These separations are visible when projected onto a variety of axes, such as technological (scripting and presentation technologies used to render the site and allow user interaction); structural (purpose and layout of the site); and sociological (notions of friends and groups).

Although largely a marketing term, some of the key attributes associated with Web 2.0 include the growth of social networks, bi–directional communication, various ‘glue’ technologies, and significant diversity in content types. These shifts collectively have implications for researchers seeking to model, measure, and predict aspects of these sites.

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– Remove old Open Candy integration code – Introduce a new u Torrent Pro payments partner: Nexway – Fix broken in-client pro info page.

I came across an issue where the office 2013 smooth scrolling did not work and none of the animations worked either.

This issue was down to the graphics driver on the PC and its comparability. First we can update the graphics driver on your pc, if that fails then change the Office 2013 graphics compatibility with the following setting.

We encourage all of our users to upgrade their PCs to a more modern operating system which will provide greater stability and security.

Antivirus for Mac needs an Internet connection for activating online, checking the expiration date, downloading updates (including program and pattern files) from Trend Micro, obtaining information about malicious software, or browsing pages on the Trend Micro website.

Trend micro not updating automatically