Updating bios q flash

Not Long over 2 X 3 Month Zoladex 10.8 Implants ( started July 2014 for my Prostate Cancer , then 37 Radium Treatments , along with Hot Flushes from Hell , 6000/7000 from last July to April this year , and Ruined my sleep , an i'm stuck in that mode Still .

If I select the BIOS file it starts to read then tells me the image is wrong or the file name is wrong... I wonder why my Board has QFlash/@Bios Options when they Can't be used , anyway , i'll move on as Pc's have no Problems , it was just for a Learning Curve that's all .

I've read on some other forums that some people use @Bios to flash their bios.

I have gone through the Gigabyte support page and found a link to an @Bios download but it seems like i've only downloaded the install wizard shield. I haven't found any like to updating QFlash and I don't know of any more recent bios versions.

Hi Caintry_Boy an Brownhornet , Thought i'd ask as Both of you Know a Whole lot more on Bios Flash , I have no Problems Saving to a Flash Drive .

Gave up and downloaded the F9 BIOS and it still tells me it's an "Invalid BIOS Image". No option to update from server, BUT, I've figured it out..board is the Rev.4.0 990FXA-UD3 and I've been trying to use the latest BIOS for the Rev. Downloading the correct (F3) BIOS now and we'll try that, betcha it works!!