Updating c902

The device is a horizontally sliding phone with its original form resembling the Xperia X10 while the slider below resembles the slider of the PSP Go.

The slider features a D-pad in an indented area on the left side, a set of standard Play Station buttons (, , and ) in an indented area on the right, a long rectangular touchpad in the middle, Start and Select buttons in an indented area on the bottom right corner, a Menu button on the bottom left corner, and two shoulder buttons (L and R) on the back of the device.

Fast texting is no problem, and I was comfortable with the number pad from the outset.Sony Ericsson's flagship Cyber-Shot phone is looking rather dated now, but it's still a good camera phone with a 5 megapixel camera with face-detection autofocus, LED flash, and easy to use camera controls.The C902 was the first in the "C" for Cyber-Shot™ range of phones.Previously all Cyber-Shot phones were part of the "K" series.Physically, the C902 is very much old-style Sony Ericsson at its best.