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I am especially happy about the re-programmed network manager, which works a whole lot better than in hardy.Except that i didn’t get the PPTP VPN connection to my office to work instantly. and configure your VPN connection using the network manager.The following solution does not work for everybody as there are multiple issues with VPN connections, the network manager etc.

no DHCP), then you need to use the connection editor to configure things c.I am pretty new to Ubuntu and Linux, so forgive me if this is obvious. It worked perfectly fine, but one day to the other, it didn't anymore. Sep 11 Veith-Ubuntu pppd[4962]: Plugin /usr/lib/pppd/2.4.5/loaded. The only thing I changed was adding a second monitor (I'm now running dual monitors), but I doubt that that has anything to do with it. The syslog gave me this: VPN connection 'us vpn' (Connect) reply received.The eth1 is just a name to make it easier for the user to know which way he's connected through to the network/Internet.Then there is some distance and information regarding how the actual connection is set up in terms of the IP Address taken/given, the IP Address at which its broadcasting its presence to others , the Subnet Mask used and lastly the DNS address The NM-connections editor is where the user can edit and create the various connection types.