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Whether you've lived in your house for years or you just got the keys, here are some easy ways to give it a refresh:1. "Changing out cabinetry hardware is one of the easiest and quickest updates," says HGTV's Scott Mc Gillivray, author of .

Look for colorful options or Scott's favorite, a brushed nickel finish.

Of course, the latter-mentioned group of people could just hire someone to renovate their homes for them, but then that comes with messy and costly renovations.

Anyone who has done a major renovation can attest to the unexpected costs and immense mess that it creates.

Ten years ago, Dominique Mc Adam restored her entire Clovelly house back to the early 1900s.

However, recently she had a change of heart and did a complete makeover.

When starting out on a new and exciting venture in life, you might as well make sure you get off to the best start possible. Gendy and her husband found a unique block of land in the Hawkesbury, an hour north-west of Sydney, and created the perfect kitchen to match.

In 2008, when Gendy and her husband purchased a 100-acre block of land in the Hawkesbury, there...

Rather than buying all-new cabinets, custom doors and drawer fronts were added to the existing boxes to create an updated look while saving tons of cash.

Those options are fun, but they get old fast," Scott warns.2. Kristy Kropat, an interior designer based in San Francisco, recently moved into a new home, but she didn't love the kitchen.

A complete overhaul wasn't in the cards (new cabinets are pricey!

You don’t have to be a master chef to want a beautiful lust-worthy kitchen.

Take a look at some of these brilliant country kitchens to get inspiration on how you can be the envy of all your next dinner guests. Annie Baker and Mike Chapman had the opportunity to create their ideal kitchen that offered plenty of room to cook, entertain and accommodate their favourite fittings both old and new.