Updating facebook status

Facebook status is also known as a Facebook status update.A Facebook status update is generally designed to be short and provide some information without going into too much detail.Just last week the social media behemoth announced that it would be rolling out this update in select countries, and this signals a change in emphasis from Facebook, as personal status updates are the core reason for its existence.Having been around for over a decade, you may not know that Facebook’s main attraction isn’t advertising.Right from purchasing wonderful Happy Mother’s Day gifts to selecting amazing Happy Mothers Day poems, all of us have some or the other plans for this awaited day.

Status updates can be shared among all friends, to a select group or to individuals.A Facebook spokesperson said, “We’re rolling out a change to help people make their text posts more visual.Starting today, people can update the background color of their text-only posts on Android.”As of that time, the update was rolling out to Android users only, with i OS and desktop updates expected to come soon after.It's time to get savvy about writing status updates that intrigue, interest, and inspire your friends and anybody else who can glimpse them.Here are some suggestions for writing good updates.