Updating google earth maps

Google Maps and Google Earth just got a whole lot sharper thanks to NASA and its Landsat 8 satellite.

Using beautiful high-res imagery captured by the new satellite, Google has built a better high-res cloud-free mosaic of the world based on some 700 trillion pixels of data.

The California-based search company is expected to launch a new version of Google Earth.

The new imagery is now available across all Google mapping products: Just open Google Earth or turn on the satellite layer in Google Maps.

However, the Google Earth team did launch a new virtual reality version of the planet-visualising software on the Steam Store last year, so it would not be surprising if the new app shipped with some VR component.

Google also launched its Day Dream virtual reality platform last year, so a new Google Earth could tie-in nicely with that.

In San Francisco's case, you can see the city grow about 2 miles deeper, which is pretty amazing, and also see Oakland Bay Bridge get constructed.

A lake in Bolivia gets very visibly smaller, and glaciers melt as the planet warms.