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Hi, I recently erased an important document on my Sandisk USB drive.I didn't do anything with the drive, because I know there's a kind of recovery software that can help, and want to get the file back.During an update, the drive must NOT turn off due to power loss or the update may permanently damage the Wireless Flash drive. To prevent this issue, make sure the wireless flash drive is fully charged and do not interrupt the update process until it is complete. Make sure a micro SDHC™ card is inserted into your Wireless Flash Drive. Can you please recommend a piece of software that can help me? When accidentally deleting files from Sandisk USB flash drives, lots of people don't know that saving new files on the drive will permanently damage deleted files and make them unrecoverable, because the drive will be overwritten and the previous data will be lost forever.Thus, there is a good chance that you'll recover files from Sandisk USB flash drives.The San Disk Wireless Flash Drive has TWO separate firmware versions. If the update process does not begin automatically within 15-20 seconds after you have ejected the drive, be sure you have ejected the drive or done a "safely remove" operation, then disconnect the drive from the USB port and plug it in again. If the update completed successfully, the firmware file will automatically be deleted from the Wireless Flash Drive.One for Wireless Flash Drives that shipped with 16GB or 32GB capacity and one for Wireless Flash drives that ship with 64GB capacity. Make sure to put it in the root or main directory and not in a sub folder.

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As to a reliable recovery software, here is my recommendation: Wondershare Data Recovery.

Or it's mac verion: Wondershare Data Recovery for Mac.