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As a System administrator, you have to install software, security updates and fixes often in all systems. The clients need not to be connected to the Internet to download packages. Instead, It saves the packages requested by the clients on your local network and make them available to the rest of the clients for future use. This is required to share the packages to your Ubuntu clients over the network: # apt-cacher daemon startup configuration file # Set to 1 to run apt-cacher as a standalone daemon, set to 0 if you are going # to run apt-cacher from /etc/inetd or in CGI mode (deprecated).

This is your full domain name (like The software will now be configured using the settings you provided.See also help.ubuntu.com/community/Apt Get/Offline/Repository to create a local mirror of another repository, which can then be used by other machines on your network.Outdated but probably still useful instructions to do this can be found here.If you are also still having issues you can also add /apt-cacher/ after the port number so that the line looks like this: This method is useful if you are alternating between office and home with a laptop for example.It involves using the ping command to determine if the apt-cacher server is available at boot-time and then configure the APT proxy or not.