Validating domain name

For private individual or sole trader registrations, you can validate your details by scanning or taking a photograph and then Emailing one of the following documents to your domain name provider: Why do Nominet need these details?It has always been the responsibility of a domain name registrant to provide accurate information.In particular, domain-validated certificates do not assure that any particular legal entity is connected to the certificate, even if the domain name may imply a particular legal entity controls the domain.Most web browsers may show a lock (often in grey, rather than the green lock typically used for an Extended Validation Certificate) and a DNS domain name.

They work well in situations where you don't need to assure your visitors or where there is little chance of a man-in-the-middle attack such as on an internal server or on a mail server.

Right now, I'd say that most Internet users are far from being aware of the distinction, so buying an EV certificate is kind of useless.

(EV certificates will become useful when they become , i.e.

In the event that you were not provided with your CSR hashes, then you may use our Online CSR Decoder.

We recommend using the follow settings before clicking the Decode button: * Uncheck Show Empty Fields * Check Show CSR Hashes This behavior is to support the very common use-case where a customer applies for both '