Validating saxparser

From what I have understood, event-based means some kind of event happens to the node.Like when one clicks a particular node it will give all the sub nodes rather than loading all the nodes at the same time.Note the "throws Exception" wimp-out; real applications would need real error handling: We can use this object to parse XML documents, but first, we have to register event handlers that the parser can use for reporting information, using the set Content Handler and set Error Handler methods from the XMLReader interface. Things get interesting when you start implementing methods to respond to XML parsing events (remember that we registered our class to receive XML parsing events in the previous section).

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XML ist als Metasprache erweiterbar und ist ebenso wie HTML und XHTML eine Untermenge von SGML.

In particular, environments with JAXP 1.1 support include SAX2.

Start by creating a class that extends Default Handler: method that uses the the create XMLReader method from the XMLReader Factory class to choose a SAX driver dynamically. Default Handler; public class My SAXApp extends Default Handler You can compile this code and run it (make sure you specify the SAX driver class in the sax.driver property), but nothing much will happen unless the document contains malformed XML, because you have not yet set up your application to handle SAX events.

But in the case of DOM parsing it will load all the nodes and make the tree model. Please correct me If I am wrong or explain to me event-based and tree model in a simpler manner. Using a SAX parser implies you need to handle these events and make sense of the data returned with each event.

In DOM, there are no events triggered while parsing.