Validating vision mission and core values

Each has its own distinct function in the strategic planning process.

As as a backdrop to answering today’s question, I want to share a simple organizational framework I developed several years ago to help executives gain a better understanding of leadership structure.

We will earn respect by acknowledging and validating the rich and diverse experiences of others and by always acting in a fair, thoughtful, inclusive and non-judgmental manner. In all our endeavors, we will act in the best interest of the public and our community with honesty, transparency and candor.

Excellence: In all we do every day, there is only one standard – to perform flawlessly both as individuals and as teams in order to be the best in every aspect of our operations.

The framework goes like this: “are needed to support a certainty of execution.” (Mike Myatt, 1988) Let me be clear – vision and mission are not interchangeable.

Confusing mission and vision in definition or in sequence of application will result in inconsistent leadership decisions, confusion among the ranks, and the inevitability of flawed outcomes.

Validating vision mission and core values