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Getting past the static photos and wordy profiles so characteristic of dating websites and even some mobile dating apps, the addition of live video chat gets right to the chemistry of in-person interaction, say companies offering the service."Technically speaking, it was not possible as recently as two years ago. Now, we're at the very beginning, but it's about to come into its heyday.Your browser must also have a FLASH player version 10 or higher.

That's why the website View N Me, which is preparing its app, offers tips for looking your best on video, says co-founder Lindsey Lachman of New York.

Video chat is designed to provide a new way of communication with your favorite lady.

It'll take you to the next stage of your relationship when you can get to know each other better.

In such a delicate case as the choice of a partner (if still virtual) are important any details. The option”for family life” is for not particularly active alerted romantics.

After all, even your choice of a nickname can tell a lot about you. You can find some suitable options for any purpose. Such option as “for sex” is for not deter serious-minded young people.