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Talking about the first time she saw the small patches, Tiffany said: "I showed my parents but we just thought they must be scars or something," she said."Over time I got a few on my wrists and then it spread around my whole kneecaps."We had no idea what it was.The youngster, who lives in Brooklyn, New York and grew up in Florida, first noticed small white spots on her knees aged seven.In the UK around 1 in 100 people develop vitiligo - a long-term condition that causes pale, white patches to develop on the skin due to the lack of a chemical called melanin. This is a place where those with Vitiligo, their family, and their friends can share information and stay in touch. Please consider going to the forum and posting a welcome message.Be sure to let us know what part of the world you are from.There are no treatments that lead to a permanent cure, only temporary solutions.Each person has to evaluate what is viable and best for them.

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You tend to get it in your teens and the size of the patch can change over the time. Cut s and abrasions can cause new patches to occur and stress can have an effect on the loss of pigmintation as well.havent tried any of those you mentioned... Vitiligo is somthing you mainly are likely to get when you are younger, but apparently anyone can get it at any stage of their life. there are different forms of it, but mine is randomly over my body a lot of the time. I've been wanting to start a group up, so we can all have someone to relate to lol. I dont agree with cutting out foods due to food sensitivity, but rather to fix the problem so that the patient no longer has the sensitivity. Aside from medical/treatment information, I'd say the main focus is really the support and emotional issues in dealing with vitiligo. There's a lot of information on treatments, emotional issues, discussion boads, a chat room, local support groups and annual conferences (just had one early July in San Antonio, TX - people from the US and other countries attend) - the conferences are for patients, not the medical community.

Can be surprisingly quick, & way cheaper than messing around with diets, special foods, supplements etc. Dont think that these forums are the place to blow my trumpet, & dont wish to get kicked off by doing so, so thats why I suggested direct email. Membership on the site is free, but for an annual donation of only you can have additional access to areas of the site (photo albums, etc.)Hope you visit soon!

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If you send spam or inappropriate messages you will be banned from the network. Commercial posts, including repeated endorsements of "cures," will be removed.

If you receive unsolicited off-topic messages, or see any inappropriate material here, please report it. Our mission at the Beautiful You Foundation is to increase public awareness, and increase education about Vitiligo through our outreach efforts and informative workshops.