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According to Bob, he reconnected with Sheree, 46, in July 2015 during on of their kids’ birthday parties.“It started because of the birthday party,” he said.

Sheree Whitfield has been thinking about dating her ex-husband, Bob Whitfield, over the past couple of years, as he recently decided to make an effort with her.

She dates a man named Big Poppa who provides a nice lifestyle for her and her two daughters Ariana and Brielle.

Nene and the other ladies make fun of the fact that Kim is dating a married man.

Sheree didn’t seem eager to forgive him, as she was already upset with him for cheating and ruining their marriage, but it sounds like she’s slowly letting him back in.

According to a new report, Sheree Whitfield is now revealing that she and Bob are actually in a really great place these days.