Who is bridget mcmanus dating

It’s a whole, big, incestuous ball of lesbian awesome.

But Melissa seems to be trying to be friends with Karman & Jill's fans. There was a time when I actually liked Jill but now she's a screaming harpie. Shannon was in the sugar daddy show, she has linked both Karman and Jill in photos,i'm not sure what Melissa did, but i thought she was a bit creepy with the stuff she did on Karmans myspace, and posting on DL. It always amuses (and creeps me out) that some lesbians seem to have this compulsion to live vicariously through lesbian 'celebrities' and get fixated on their relationships.

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And when Queen Latifah started shooting, they called me in to audition for the warm-up comic job. So I went in, they liked me, and they called me back. We have a real DJ named Hunter that works on the show. I will find the couple who’s been married the longest and force them to get up and dance with each other and the audience always cheers.

I know Melissa was abruptly cut out of Karman's life. Bridget and Karman are together and Jill has been fucking Cathy out of boredom since her friends have ditched her. Jen and Shannon are on the front page of their myspace pages.

Who is bridget mcmanus dating