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In 2001, her hilarious, gusty, and insightful memoir, Cybill Disobedience: How I Survived Beauty Pageants, Elvis, Sex, Bruce Willis, Lies, Marriage, Motherhood, Hollywood, and the Irrepressible Urge to Say What I Think (Harper Collins) was published detailing her remarkable story as only she can - with humor, pathos, and an insatiable lust for life.Shepherd appeared in the feature film, Marine Life, directed by Anne Wheeler and written by Robert Forsyth III and Lori Lansens."If something big is going on in the world, somebody's going to tell me about it. On some higher level, someone is saying, 'We can tell 'em this, we can't tell 'em that.' "This man sure looks like Bruce Willis.As he sits on a stool in the bar of the Peninsula Hotel one recent afternoon, there is the familiar pate with the buzz-cut sides, there's the Dick Tracy nose and the etched-in lines that frame his mouth, like parentheses. We know because Bruce Willis doesn't read newspapers, or magazines or tabloids or anything else with a date on it, for that matter.It's not that Willis dislikes the printed word -- he's fond of novels and history books and he plows through plenty of screenplays. Forget it."I don't watch it on TV either," he says quietly, as he twirls a spoon around a cup of coffee.Unlike most, he had the opportunity to do exactly that.The singer was linked to a number of high-profile beauties during his short life, and those who have remembered him publicly have generally done so with affection. Priscilla Beaulieu Elvis married just once, to a young woman he had courted for nearly eight years.

Shepherd has had an extensive theatrical experience, including starring roles in "Shot in the Dark," and "The Seven Year Itch," to name a few.Is this seemingly grueling environment conducive to getting it on? Check out this list of famous couples who found love– or just lust– on-set.Some couples have been lucky like Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw, who’ve been together now for 25 years!This guy has Willis's low-key swagger, too, and, dressed in a gray V-neck sweater, jeans and cowboy boots, he's got the man's unfussy style. Not the one who plops down on David Letterman's upholstered chair every now and then, looking like he's just been rousted out of bed after a bender.Not the harmonica-playing, porn star-dating Willis, or the smirking action hero known for his signature "yippy-ki-yay [expletive]" from the three "Die Hard" movies.