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I've been in a million different things and what ends up getting a lot of press are geared towards younger audiences and I happen to be playing a younger person which I'm totally fine with. She reacted and felt threated by this new entity [Sara, played by Julia Stiles], and tried to assert herself. But when I was younger I could be an extrovert at work, but in my personal life I was more of an introvert, shy, and focused. How do you think the portrayal of TV teens has evolved over the years? Teens always do much more than parents think they do. Now you see the repercussions of wrong choices in a way that's not so sterilized. No, I don't think he's leaving Beacon Hills for good. I think people in their 20s and 30s will relate to it.I felt like an old soul observing the teen experiencing than actually having one. Now on to You play guidance counselor and emissary Ms. How is this role different besides the fact that you're not a teen? I believe Jeff [Davis] has spoken on this, but there's a very specific reason he left. That's a huge shift because there are a lot of "There's also been chatter about Alison being alive or having a twin sister. With Alison, she was dead and we found her body, but she may not be dead. You have these goals and dreams and suddenly life happens and you're like "I wasn't supposed to be in this place in my life." It's about having courage to let go and dare to start again. You won't be going back to playing teens anytime soon, right? If it's a role that's too good to pass up I'm not going to say, "I'm sorry, James Cameron, I'm not going to play a teenager." Obviously, if it was a David Fincher or Michael Mann or Lars von Trier dream project — of course.They shared a romantic picnic in the park followed by a steamy midnight swim at the Kiriakis Mansion a few weeks later.However, it turned out Arianna had her own connections with drugs and her job at the Brady Pub was part of that plan.

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Phew, now that that’s out of the way, I just wanna write a thing on the actual character ^_^ Okay so I wrote a total fab meta explaining Kali’s potential role AND HER FEET (and the other Alpha’s potential roles and name meanings).

Joe Jackson is demanding the release of Michael Jackson's medical records from UCLA Medical Center so he can determine who is at fault for his son's death and how much he can sue them for.

This is gonna be long, someone made the mistake of telling me these aren’t annoying (I wish I could put them under a read more I swear! Her character's name immplies that she should be East Indian and they did look for East Indian actresses, and I'm sure plenty tried out. Are they trying to make East-Indian women feel insignificant? They cast Felisha Terrell because she’s already an established actress so the people who’ve hired her at least know what she’s capable of. But you also have to recognize that not everything is an attack, and realize also that it’s not soley Jeff Davis who makes these decisions so don’t jump down his throat about it. Wikipedia says, “Shiva laid in path of Kali, whose foot on Shiva subdues her anger.” So it’s probably not some X-Men thing like they say, because seriously. Kali - even before we knew her name we had predicted it would probably be Kali.

)WARNING: SPOILERS FOR SEASON 3Alright, people have not been pleased with Felisha Terrell's genetic code. Are they trying to say POCs are interchangeable with each other? Here’s a link [link] Here’s an excerpt: A reason why Kali might attack people with her feet is because Kali is frequently pictured standing on Lord Shiva (who she is a consort to).

(All the other actors cast so far are fairly experienced as well)Also, look at those collar bones, those eyes, that nose, them lips, I’m skeptical that she’s a real person. Make rational, well-defined arguments if you must, in fact please do, but ranting won’t help anyone or change anything. In Hinduism, Kali is the destroyer (in union with Lord Shiva). Kali is Deucalion’s right-hand man and what is Deucalion’s goal? I believe Kali will be all for that and will help Deucalion not only split Scott and Derek from each other but isolate them altogether, successfully obliterating any pack (Alison and Scott are no longer dating and Stiles is drifting away, Isaac perhaps will forget how much he trusts Scott.