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We love a bit of mystery, but we definitely wouldn't mind if they dropped a few photos of their big day on social media. 1.) Hilarie’s Big Break Came Thanks To MTV Back in the day, MTV used to do nationwide searches for their next “VJ” — aka video jockey.Lethal Weapon: Did Fox’s Riggs-and-Murtagh Reboot Hit Its Target?Burton will play DEA investigator Karen Palmer, who is described as “tough and smart” and “not afraid to speak her mind” in the official character breakdown.

[Hilarie has a 1-year-old son with actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan.] I think it's really attractive to watch a guy, when he's tired and has a million other things going on, focus on a kid and get outside of himself.

"I’m so lucky to get to play a character that’s very multifaceted and the writers take risks on and never get into a staid process with.

They’re always challenging themselves and, thusly, me as an actor. I love my job on 'White Collar.'" For more on Burton and her "White Collar" role, click over to TV Guide.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Hilarie Burton have been together for quite a long time.

While he'll always be Denny Duquette, Izzie Stevens's one true love in Grey's Anatomy, in our minds, in real life he's been dating the One Tree Hill actress since 2009.