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) But, aside from wishing you were Orlando Bloom right now, apparently there are other - albeit more significant - disadvantages of dating a babe, a trophy girlfriend or a hot chick.Male web portal (and one of my favourite research tools) Ask has listed the top 10 pithy reasons as to why you're probably better off with someone who doesn't sport perfect pins or chiselled abs or a butt akin to a Victoria's Secret model.

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Other reasons include her ego being a problem, the fact that other men will try to sleep with her, that you'll become jealous and possessive, and that she'll be easily able to manipulate you however she pleases.

The Sydney Morning Herald - National, World, Business, Entertainment, Sport and Technology News from Australia’s leading newspaper The Age - National, World, Business, Entertainment, Sport and Technology News from Melbourne’s leading newspaper au au - Business News, World News & Breaking News in Australia If there's a status symbol above and beyond fancy cars and wristwatches, beach houses and private jets, it has to be marrying a model.