Ongpin Street cramped, noisy but an experience.


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Attempting to do it justice in one post is sheer lunacy but I thought I would do a quick rundown of my most recent visit to give you all a feel of pre-Christmas Divisoria. I go to Divisoria when I need to buy in bulk. This year, I am seriously behind on our two-page, double-column, single-spaced, 9-font Christmas list that is heavily weighted by gifts to service personnel, market sukis, etc.

A tiny storefront on Ilaya Street, just off Juan Luna, this is the motherload of food packaging material. In this tiny space are dozens of different cellophane bags, styrofoam containers, plastic food containers, garbage bags, food service gloves, string, straw, etc. This is where everyone gets their packaging material for their home cooked baked goods, bazaar specials, take away items. It is water resistant and perfect for wrapping food gifts or flowers. I also get my ensaimada containers there, pre-made cello bags for giveaways, garbage bags in bulk, etc.

What is the big deal, you say? How can one spanking new mall be so great and the talk of Makati, Alabang, Greenhills and QC housewives? Well, it is simply packed to the gills with very reasonably priced stuff. For a certain segment of your Christmas list, this is in fact the motherload of modestly priced finds. Of course there are no high-end Play Stations here, but for volume, this is the place to go.

Radio-controlled cars for as little as PHP and manner of other toys and games are on offer.

Best Restaurants in Manila, Metro Manila

Binondo remains the authentic Chinese enclave of Manila and Ongpin Street, running centrally through it, is the showcase for all things Chinese and traditional. Winding along for ten jam-packed city blocks, Ongpin is glitz and glitter, traditional and exotic and an assault on the eardrums. What is clear is that he ostensibly funded artistic endeavors that somehow kept getting postponed even as the money secretly went to buy rifles, ammunition and supplies for the Filipino independence movement.

When his store burned down, he donated the insurance proceeds to General Emilio Aguinaldo to aid the revolution against the Spaniards.

New York Cheese Cake. Cake, Crave 2. Had this 2.

When dining for business or pleasure, the country’s top taipans have put their hard-to-earn trust in the establishments below: Choi Garden Host your next party, meeting, or celebration with us! Call 02 and ask for recommended party specials for reservations. While other branches have since blossomed around Manila, the original two-story, free-standing restaurant in San Juan remains an institution.

A favorite on the menu would be the crispy fried pigeon, which is served with the ubiquitous kropek on the side and priced per piece. Today, it keeps each of its offerings on its menu worth coming back to. Apart from dim sum on offer, the selection of signature dishes called the 8 Treasures is worth saving room for. Signature dishes include the honey-glazed-prime cut char siu and the stewed U. Diners feast on an array of dim sum and roasted duck, while treated to majestic views of Manila Bay from the floor-to-ceiling windows.

From his kitchen comes a contemporary take on traditional dishes, including the signature Australian Candy Heart Abalone with Dried Fish Maw in Superior Sauce on the menu.

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And here, you truly are. On Tourism Philippines Guide, you’ll find friendly unbiased updated travel information for touring Philippines, what to see and what to avoid. Plaza San Lorenzo Ruiz Photo by bikoy Located in an area of just about 1 square kilometer right in the heart of the city of Manila, Binondo bustles daily with trade and commerce which the Chinese are known for and it culminates thousands of years of Filipino and Chinese relations dating back to the Ice Age when tribes from Southern China are known to have reached the Philippines through the land bridges.

This was meant to replace the Parian where the unconverted Chinese resided.

Oct 30,  · Manila’s burgeoning food scene continues to grow. With new establishments opening every now and then, the F&B industry becomes a more welcoming playground for young professionals. We ask three insiders to tell us what’s like to work in the food industry today.

It is an affordable, high quality real estate property development of Charles Builders. The developer is known for building affordable townhouses and house and lot for sale in Imus, Cavite. The property is nearby hospitals, markets, schools, malls and places of worship. Additionally, it is accessible to transportation systems, making it convenient for travelers to go around and travel to and from Metro Manila. Two types of house units available are the expanded and regular.

It has started venturing in the business since the s. Their first focus was the Muntinlupa and Pasig areas. Through the years, they have been building numerous properties, including townhouses, housing units , compound lots and subdivisions. Since introduction, they believe in providing their clients with the right balance between urban living and nature, something obvious in this lovely development in Imus Cavite.

The 15 Best Romantic Places in Manila

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10 Private Dining Spots in Manila. Tired of the restaurant scene? Check out these private chef services that are just as good, or maybe even better than the last spot you dined in.

Fun Things to Do in Manila Makati The business district of Makati is where some of the top international hotels are located. Manila is actually quite safe and Makati in particular feels very secure. One of the best Makati attractions is the Ayala Museum. Also located in Greenbelt, this exhibition space houses the Filipinas Heritage Library and focuses on the craftworks of the Philippines. Get your coffee fix at Single Origin. This local specialty coffee chain has several branches in Manila but the one in Makati has a great location in Greenbelt Mall.

Sky Deck on Bayleaf Hotel, Manila

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Fun Things to Do in Manila, Philippines

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14 romantic restaurants in Manila

Getting There Not only the proud birthplace of the Philippine National Hero, Laguna plays host to a wealth of natural wonders and cultural treasures from its hot springs, scenic jungle-clad canyons, picturesque waterfalls to its wonderful and sought-after craftsmanship of the finest embroidery, wood-carvings ,and footwear in the country.

Just 30 kilometers southeast of Manila, Laguna is a veritable treasure trove of cultural, historical and natural gems. Laguna was a hotbed of numerous historical events- it was the site of one of the most sanguine battle grounds and Filipino nationalist resistance so many times — the Chinese revolt in , the British plundered its capital during the years of the British invasion from to , the revolts against the Spanish cruelty, the defense against the onslaught of the American invaders, and guerrilla warfare waged against the Japanese.

The Rizal Shrine of Calamba J.

Bale Dutung, in english means house of wood. This is the residence of Chef Claude and wife Maryann Tayag where they serve innovated Pampango cuisine.

I think it is a texture issue. Yes, a cow is said to have four stomachs, or one big stomach, with four distinct chambers. The stomach lining of the first three chambers is typically cooked as tripe as we know it chambers 2 and 3 best for callos. Not one of the main dishes or party fare for the beso-beso crowd of yore. The very cheap stomach lining of a cow was boiled until tender and flavored with classic Spanish ingredients like onions, garlic and tomatoes. The richness of the dish came from the lengthy boil of gelatinous cow parts like the legs or snout among the least salable or desirable parts of the cow.

In preparation for my callos adventure, I read at least twenty recipes and recalled with amusement so many different types of callos advice from family friends and food experts over the years. Some folks like it with a hint or a lot of chilli, while others want it mild and very tomato-ey. I actually doubt that many published recipes were in fact cooked as written. My search led back to recipes that were purely tripe and some cow patas or legs, or snouts and the other ingredients like tomatoes, etc.

So I decided to try a recipe that was closer to what might be more original, figuring that additional ingredients and alterations would be easy to do later. I followed most of the recipe, but also added some changes, due to lack of ingredients or personal preference or infusing parts of other recipes that I read and liked.

Three ‘pop na pop’ date restaurants in Manila

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