Parker 50 “Golden Falcon”


Many people have a whole lot of pens, myself included, yet there are a select few in my collection that I would consider the best; the pens that, if I had to give up all my other pens, I would choose to keep. Limited editions are one of the main culprits that fit the bill here. Who really cares if there are only other pens like yours? Take, for example, the numerous LE Visconti fountain pens that seem to come out every week and come encased in boxes made from fine cedar and gold leaf. Do you think they write better than your regular Visconti? Brand Seriously, brand does not matter for the most part. In fact, one of my local pen stores has a huge bucket filled with broken Mont Blanc pen parts that came off pens that were simply unsalvageable. Vintage vs New The best thing about buying an old fountain pen and having it restored is that you know for certain that the pen has lasted 50 or more years, and will continue to last after being serviced.

1950s Navy Grey Parker 51 Fountain Pen

They can be easily distinguished from later production by several unique characteristics. All pens of this period are double jewels, meaning that they have a decorative “jewel” at the top of the cap and at the end of the barrel. The imprint on the majority of these pens is at the end of the barrel, near the decorative “jewel”, all in one line.

It’s simple, take a look at Your pen, answer the questions, compare to the images and click on the pen. here are essentially three filling mechanisms of the Parker .

As discussed many times in the past, Parker 51s are very popular among fountain pen collectors and the double jewel versions are highly sought after. They do have a bit more gold and look a bit more substantial, and do often have more ornate caps. The primary reason is their relative scarcity. Within the Double Jewel models, the first year models are the most collectible as they are even more rare.

Double Jewels were produced during the entire run of Vacumatic Fill 51s, from through The first year models were different in many ways, and I will cover them later. Below is the exploded view of the pen. You can tell that it suffered from years of neglect due to the dirty nib, collector, and very bad cap.

Fountain Pen Ink and Vintage Pen

How to Date a Parker 51 Fountain Pen James Clark Updated February 21, The Parker 51 fountain pen is a classic writing instrument first put into production in , when the company celebrated its 51st anniversary in business. Parker made subtle and overt changes to 51 in the decades since the fountain pen was first introduced, although the basic design remains the same.

Learning about style changes in the Parker 51 will help you date a pen and perhaps locate a collector’s item, as these fine writing instruments are now considered to be. Identify first-year models by the imitation jewels mounted on the end of the pen cap and the barrel end. The jewel on the end cap tassie is affixed to the top of the screw that holds the pocket clip in place. Almost every first-year model was engraved with a single-line imprint around the end of the cap barrel near the tassie.

Over the years I acquired pens, but the passion for vintage pens came in as I was seeking a Parker 51 fountain pen similar to my stepfather’s lost pen. I found a fully restored and identical pen to my father’s beloved Parker 51 and gave it to him as a surprise gift.

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Vintage Parker “51” Writefine Pencil; 1940’s;14K !!

It seems to me that fountain pens are a very personal thing, and one person’s taste won’t always match that of another. Subject to that caveat, I have tried many pens, and the smoothest in my experience that are still reasonably affordable are: If you’re looking for something genuinely vintage, you can find Parker 51s on eBay all day for about bfifty US dollars or so. Pens with a vacuumatic filler tend to be cheaper than the later aeromatic filler, though the aeromatics are easier to use and tend to be less likely to need an overhaul before they can be pressed into daily use.

Jake’s Pens. Parts Like most people who have worked with fountain pens I have accumulated a lot of parts. On this page I have listed some parts that may be useful to others. When I have more than one of a listed part I will send the best one available at the time. Parker Seems ok to me (hardly an expert.) The jewel is missing. $0.

On top of the cap is a greyish translucent plastic ‘jewel’. It is marked ‘Parker’ around the base of the cap and ‘Made in England 4’ at the front of the barrel. The 4 indicates the date of manufacture It has a hooded 14k gold nib – nib size is Fine. The pen is in full working order writing very well with a smooth fine line. The pen is in good condition. There are no cracks, chips or engravings.

Dating A Pen

Parker 51 This article includes a list of references , related reading or external links , but its sources remain unclear because it lacks inline citations. Please improve this article by introducing more precise citations. October Vacumatic and Aerometric Parker 51s The Parker 51, introduced in , is a famous fountain pen. Parker’s continued advertising during the war created a demand that took several years to fulfill after the end of the war. The pen was developed for use not with Parker’s regular ink Quink , but with a new formula ink, advertised with the slogan, “writes dry with wet ink”.

Unfortunately, this new ink’s high alkalinity and isopropyl alcohol content were fatally corrosive to the celluloid then used for the bodies of most pens including the Parker Vacumatic , the company’s flagship pen during the s.

Offered is a Parker “51” Writefine mechanical pencil likely dating from the early or mid’s. Given my lack of knowledge regarding the names of the various Parker pencil model, I am uncertain of the exact name of this instrument; however, I believe it to be either an Heirloom or Heritage edition.

Well, here it is, and again, I hope these are just the facts. Something has been bothering me for years, now, and I have to make my apologies for it. In September , there was a discussion on Pentrace about various Parker depression pens. In the years since then, I noticed a curious thing in the listings for depression pens on Ebay and on other pen websites. I hate to say it, but some of the well-respected dealers on Ebay are some of the guilty ones. But that misuse of the word was not my intended end result, so let me revisit the whole issue again, and reappraise, and revise, and restate my stand on these types of pens.

I asked whether a pen I bought at an auction was a Duofold, or a depression pen, in spite of the fact that it had the BHR tips and washer clip of a typical Parker Duofold, or such lesser models as the Moire, Pastel, and True Blue. Parker and Waterman were both members of a cartel that purchased, cured, and provided plastic stock to the industry, so the color was commonly used by quite a few pen companies.

Dating parker duofold pens

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Dating parker 51 pens S. Site devoted to a vintage dating time the sweetest and timeline. Warby 51 and pencils from date the sweetest and design that, bold, bold, reconditioned and pencils from date a nib fairly accurately to

I also prefer very, very fine nibs, and they tend to present this sort of feel more than broader nibs. But why do certain nibs perform differently to others? Why is it that even two supposedly identical nibs can write differently to each other? What matters is how the nib is made, not what it is made from. There are normally one of a few main materials in the body of a nib: Gold is used because it is very flexible when compared to steel. Steel nibs do exist with a flexible property, but they are notoriously difficult to make and often have to be done by professionals for a fee.

The karat count is a very misleading detail. Higher karat nibs are often no better than lower karat nibs, and the reason 14k gold is so common is because it is easier to work with and is stronger and less prone to bending than 18k and 21k nibs.

Parker 50 “Golden Falcon”

How do I Date a Cross Pen? Linda Richard Updated March 23, A. Cross has been a Rhode Island maker of pencils and pens since , but made stylographic pens, not fountain pens, for the first 80 years. The stylographic pen was the precursor to the ballpoint pen, according to the Cross website. Cross had at least 21 registered patents and developed “firsts” in the writing instrument field.

Pen collecting began in the US in the ss, and that the first ‘instantly recognizable collectible pen’ was the Parker Big Red Duofold dating s. The top range ones were handmade fountain pen; while mass production came in only in the ss.

Home Dating A Pen Dating A Pen Dating a pre Parker 45 usually involves a little detective work and the results can be rather general to say the least, giving a rough idea rather then a specific date. Check for a date code on the side of the cap. These are usually found to the right of the country of manufacture. If the pen is boxed with paperwork in the box check the paperwork for a sale date.

This will tell us when the pen was sold, not when it was made. Some earlier US pens had a date code on the box indicating the year of manufacture. Model — Some models date from specific years or had identifying features during certain time periods. Example 1 Looking at the pen we have a Parker 45 Coronet in Green complete with box and paper work.

We know that the Coronet was first manufactured in so this alone would give a rough date of to Next we look at the box. The box label matches up with the pen and underneath the pad we find the paperwork. Best of all the Registration Form specifies that the form is for pens purchased in Everything appears to tie in so we can quite confidently say that this is a pen.

Profile: The Parker “51”

Opening the box I was pleased to find out that the pen was indeed a Golden Falcon and better still it even had the plastic tag still attached to the clip and absolutely no sign of any use, not even when the nib was dipped in water to see if any ink would be released. The box itself is a bit scratched so it looks like it has done its job and protected the pen all these years. My best guess for age is that the pen dates from around which would be in line with the date on the standard Insignia version as well as being in line with other examples that I have seen.

It is possible that this is an early one that was manufactured before date coding prior to release in although I feel that this is unlikely. It is also quite possible that this one has been missed out accidentally or simply that the Golden Falcons were not marked due to their special production run.

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By Rick Propas [Note: A list of sources and additional reading is to be found at the end of this piece. Rather this is meant to be a readable introduction to Pelikans for beginning collectors and newcomers] The history of Pelikan begins with Germany’s industrial revolution in the early nineteenth century and continues into the global economy of today. During that period, the firm has consistently been a technological leader, even as its fortunes rose and fell.

Eight years later Wagner took over the business giving it his name and expanding it into office supplies. In , Wagner added the name of Pelikan, from one of the elements in his family crest. Although Wagner was late to enter the field, they revolutionized the manufacture of German fountain pens with the first piston filler. Today, collectors from around the world put huge amounts of money, time, and energy into collecting what began as a homely little expression of German modernist pen design.

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However, this version is designed for W3C, accessibility compliance. Some pens employ removable reservoirs in the form of pre-filled ink cartridges. While no physical item survives, several working models were reconstructed in by artist Amerigo Bombara that have since been put on display in museums dedicated to Leonardo. Ink was squeezed through a small hole to the writing point.

Starting in , all Parker “51” pens had the imprint up under the barrel clutch ring. During the first quarter of , the imprint remained all in one line, just as the pens; Parker “51” Made in USA Some of these pens will incorporate early production materials, such as the caps and speedline filler.

Click on the image for a larger view! The colours of the Vacumatic Parker 51’s and the Aerometric Parker 51’s. The Parker “51” took eleven years to develope but Parker sold over 20 million pens during more than 30 years! Parker spent the same amount in dollars to promote the pen, but in reached million dollars in sales. A pretty good investment, eh? It was named the Parker “51” because Parker felt that they needed a name that wouldn’t be hard to pronounce in any country and also easy to remember.

Also at this time Route 51 was built through Janesville and it is quite probable that this also was a reason for the the name. Furthermore It also came out of research in , the 51’st anniversary for the Parker Pen Company. The Parker “51” Mark II is probably the most functional fountain pen ever made.

It never leaks, always works and never breaks, well almost It also, in my humble opinion, is one of the nicest pen designs ever made. It was the first pen that had the nib under a hood, the thought behind this was not to let the ink have a chance of drying on the way from the ink reservoir to the paper. The hooded nib prolonged this unavoidable thing.


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